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More than engineers...

More than simply tracking and engineering sessions, the team at Anchour Studio excels at offering the complete package for any artist or band. From pre-production and songwriting sessions, to complete production, mixing, mastering, and everything in-between, everyone at Anchour is singularly focused on elevating your music to its highest potential.

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Josh Ray

Founder/Studio Manager

Josh founded Anchour Studio in 2014 with a group of like minded friends under the umbrella company Anchour Creative. He is married, has 5 children. He loves fly fishing, street tacos, and old recording gear.

Daddy And Fae.jpg

Karl Anderson

Partner/Senior Producer

Karl has been a producer for over 15 years. He is the guy that everyone wants in their band. He's married and has 2 children. When he's not creating music he can be found trolling friends on social media.

John Zebley Headshot (1 of 1).jpg

John Zebley


Musician, performer, composer and audio engineer, John Zebley is an amazing fresh new talent who has worked with many artists and bands, from Maine and beyond, extracting excellence from each and every project.


Ben King


Our resident Scottish talent. Ben has been in the studio/church production space for many years. Known for his massive guitar sound, he is sure to bring the best out of every project. Ben lives in Central Maine with his wife and son.

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